[Python-il] revamping the python-il website and other community stuff

Amit Aronovitch aronovitch at gmail.com
Wed Mar 23 01:00:41 IST 2016

Hi all,

As you might recall, this community still has some web resources online (a
static site and a wiki, under python.org.il domain) which had been static
for many years and are mostly outdated.

The upcoming PyCon event will inevitably get some traffic towards them, so
making them more up-to-date (or off the air entirely if it comes to that)
becomes a little urgent. However, I am having trouble finding the time to
do that (especially since I got myself involved with PyCon organization),
so help would be appreciated.

As first step, I moved the repo of the site to git and github (seems like
that's where the herds are grazing these days):
https://github.com/Hamakor/python_il_site (PR's are welcome).
Also, I have created a task-list on Hamakor's new owncloud server (contact
me or shaib if you wish to join. Meanwhile we can use mail).

Upcoming tasks:

1. Replace the logo.
   While I am quite fond of the current logo, I recently learned that it
might not comply to the PSF's trademark policy. To avoid issues, the logo
should be either unrelated to the official Python icon, or include the
original icon's shape in a complete and separated form.
   In upcoming week I intend to either replace the logo with some simple
alternative, or remove it completely. If you have ideas - please discuss

2. Put a banner/ribbon or other prominent link pointing to PyCon-IL

3. Update styles, add images. In particular - if you have photos from PyWeb
or other Python-related community events that I can use, that would be much

4. Consider usage for the wiki.python.org.il - continue as is (add some new
contents), replace with some other wiki, dump it?

5. Ideas for new content (aggregators from social media? host a little blog
for the community?)

Again, help/ideas would be appreciated (without help, I will probably not
get beyond 2 above, and it is crucial to get some progress before Pesach).

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