[Python-il] Looking for a lecturer for an intro to Python course

Ron Klein ron at leadspace.com
Wed Jun 15 11:05:46 IDT 2016


I work in a nice company named Leadspace.
While most of the developers' work here is done in Java/Scala (and also
node.js), we want to expand our toolbox and learn Python.
Our goal for the near future is to use Python for lightweight tasks, where
short development time takes precedence over program performance.
For such purposes, we would like to focus on Python's syntax and modules
(standard modules like itertools, csv and json, as well as installing
external modules like db connectors, 7zip etc. using pip).
If any of you know a good lecturer (or you are one yourself!) to give such
a course (should be at most 2 days, including in-class exercises and
homework, not necessarily consequent days) - I'd be happy if you'd connect
him/her to me.
We'll take care of the classroom organization and logistics, the lecturer
should only prepare the course and the exercises.
There's no need for a formal, printed materials, as the web offers all we
[Also, no need for a so-called-formal-certification]

My contact details (if, for some reason, you missed the "from" header of
this mail): ron [at] leadspace [dot] com

Thanks a lot!

Ron Klein
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