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Ram Rachum ram at rachum.com
Sun Apr 1 23:23:25 IDT 2012

Hey guys,

Check out a cool project made by our fellow countryman Itzik Kotler:


Pythonect is a new, experimental, general-purpose dataflow programming
language based on Python.

It aims to combine the intuitive feel of shell scripting (and all of its
perks like implicit parallelism) with the flexibility and agility of

Pythonect interpreter (and reference implementation) is written in Python,
and is available under the BSD license.

Here's a quick tour of Pythonect:

The canonical "Hello, world" example program in Pythonect:

>>> "Hello World" -> print
<MainProcess:Thread-1> : Hello World
Hello World

'->' and '|' are both Pythonect operators.

The pipe operator (i.e. '|') passes one item at a item, while the other
operator passes all items at once.

Python statements and other None-returning function are acting as a

>>> "Hello World" -> print -> print
<MainProcess:Thread-2> : Hello World
<MainProcess:Thread-2> : Hello World
Hello World

>>> 1 -> import math -> math.log

Parallelization in Pythonect:

>>> "Hello World" -> [ print , print ]
<MainProcess:Thread-4> : Hello World
<MainProcess:Thread-5> : Hello World
['Hello World', 'Hello World']

>>> range(0,3) -> import math -> math.sqrt
[0.0, 1.0, 1.4142135623730951]

In the future, I am planning on adding support for multi-processing, and
even distributed computing.

I don't know whether Itzik is a member of this group. If you are, congrats
Itzik, very cool project!

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