[Python-il] GarlicSim lecture in Givat Ram, Jerusalem on 4.4.2011

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Wed Mar 30 18:25:04 IST 2011

Hello everyone.

On Monday, April 4th at 18:00, the Jerusalem Linux Club will gather to hear
a talk about GarlicSim given by its creator, Ram Rachum. The talk will be
held in the computer farm at Shprinzak, classroom 1, in the Givat Ram

(Apologies for whoever already got this message from another source.)

## The lecture ##

GarlicSim is a Pythonic framework for computer simulations. More info about
it can be found here:


GarlicSim is a platform for writing, running and analyzing simulations. It
is general enough to handle simulations from many fields: Physics, game
theory, epidemic spread, electronics, etc. GarlicSim's goal is to let people
build and run simulations with as little technical work as possible.

We're going to see a few cool simulations and speak about what simulations
from different fields have in common with each other. Ram will talk about
the goals and the design of GarlicSim, and his plans for the project's



Attendance is free and everyone is invited.
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