[Python-il] Silly Python riddle

Omer Zak w1 at zak.co.il
Sat Dec 17 14:55:29 IST 2011

I do not have Python 2.7, so I did the following on Python 2.6.6.
>>> f = lambda: g(); g = lambda:()
>>> f()

In other words, '???' is replaced by '); g = lambda:('

--- Omer

On Sat, 2011-12-17 at 14:14 +0200, Ram Rachum wrote:
> Here's a silly Python riddle for you.
> Today I opened up a Python 2.7 shell, and ran two commands in it.
>         >>> f = lambda: g(???)
>         >>> f() 
> (Note that these are the only commands that I ran. You're not allowed
> to run any other commands before them.)
> The riddle: What's the shortest thing you can put instead of ??? so my
> second command would not raise an exception?

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