[Python-il] Fwd: Is there a Python module for handling Python object addresses?

Rani Hod rani.hod at gmail.com
Sat Sep 11 20:56:52 IDT 2010

> 3. I'm making a GUI in which the user will be able to manipulate Python
> functions, and I want to display the shortest name possible on the screen.

But this could lead to funny circumstances. Say that

   - class Foo is defined in long_package_name/long_modulename.py
   - long_package_name/__init__.py does
   from long_module_name import Foo
   - short_mod.py does
   from long_package_name.long_module_name import Foo as Bar

Technically, short_mod.Bar is shorter than long_package_name.Foo; will you
prefer it?
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