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In my experience both solutions work. I've heard and read considerable
debate about the two approaches but it tends to boils down to non-technical
In your case, having the tests next to the modules sounds very convenient.
A dot in the filename can be tricky (importing, for example) but a different
suffix or prefix should be fine.
Another layout, which works better with a flatter directory tree than yours,
is to have a 'tests/' subdirectory in each package.

On Tue, Sep 7, 2010 at 12:28 AM, cool-RR <cool-rr at cool-rr.com> wrote:

> Hello guys!
> I'm still new to the whole testing thing. There's something that I've been
> thinking about and maybe you'll have an idea.
> For my project GarlicSim I created a few tests modules, which I put in a
> "tests" directory alongside the "garlicsim" directory. This arrangement
> works, but it kind of bothers me, because in `garlicsim` I have a deep tree
> of packages; Python packages inside Python packages inside Python packages
> etc.
> What's bothering me is this: What happens if I want to write a test for a
> module which is deep in the hierarchy of the project? I mean, I wouldn't
> want to put all my tests in one directory, because there will be so many
> tests, ideally one for each module, and I have ~300 modules. So I'll
> probably want the tests to be arranged in a tree structure similar to the
> code itself. But then I thought, why bother with a "tests" directory at all?
> Maybe instead of a "tests" directory, I'll just put the test for each module
> alongside that module? I figured maybe I can give the test modules names
> that end in ".test.py" so it will be easy to tell the difference between
> test modules and normal modules.
> Do you think this solution can work? Any problems I didn't think about? Any
> other ideas that might be helpful?
> Best Wishes,
> Ram.
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