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About a month ago I sent a message to this list in which I tried to organize
Python/OSS education:


There was little response so it seems like it's not going to happen anytime

*But*, I want to start to do a little bit of private tutoring in Python/OSS
myself. I want to take a few students and teach them to program in Python
and start their own open-source project.

My question: Does anyone know of any parents who would be interested in
sending their children to study Python/OSS from me? It needs to be in the
Haifa area because that's where I live.

What I would teach: Python programming (starting from PythonTurtle, then
programming in the DreamPie shell, and only then actually writing a code
file,) getting help on StackOverflow and mailing lists, writing
documentation, starting and managing an open-source project, using git (from
the gui,) and maybe a few more that I've forgotten.

I think I'll take 100 ILS for an hour-long lesson for now, and give the
first lesson free.

If you know of anyone that might be interested, I'd be happy if you'd
connect us.

Ram Rachum.
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