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On 8 July 2010 00:38, Dov Grobgeld <dov.grobgeld at gmail.com> wrote:

> The thing is that making single characters for all operators would make the
> program look more compact. The learning curve might be slightly higher
> (including learning how to use the keyboard), but most people spend much
> more time using a computer language than learning the language. So it is
> worth creating something which has that kind of beauty to it.
> Thinking about it, it would be easy to a language  "Punithon" as a
> preprocessor that would implement such a syntax and output python. But
> again, I dare anyone to be crazy enough to do it. :-)

"Readability counts"
   - Tim Peters, The Zen of Python (a.k.a. import this)

One of the things I like about Python is that I can give my smart but
non-programmer friends a piece of Python code, and they can read it,
understand it AND SUCCESSFULLY MODIFY said piece of code (within reason). If
I give the piece of code to a non-Python programmer friend, they can do all
the above and successfully modify it way beyond reason (not always a good
thing) and add to it.

I don't think that "compactness" beats readability. I'm happy to type f-o-r
instead of shift-meta-a or whatever other combo produces the ∀ character.

As for the assignment / binding operator... well it's not the best one, but
it doesn't have the potential to cause as much trouble as in C, where
if(a=b); is a valid statement.

-- Arik
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