[Python-il] Don't copy PyWeb-IL

Amit Aronovitch aronovitch at gmail.com
Fri Jan 22 17:51:51 IST 2010

Summary of current votes (on the inclusion of PyWeb into Python-IL issue
only) below
(discussion and other related questions in a separate post)
I'll give it another week and act upon majority decision (currently seems
that the "unsubscribe"ers have the upper hand).

Include (keep python-IL subscribed to PyWeb):
   Amit, Shai (2)

Separate (unsubscribe):
   Ilan, Arik, Omer, cool-RR, Imri, Jonathan (6)


 * Some people (Orip, Ahik) have replied to my pyweb/py subscription poll,
but did not state their preferences regarding the list-inclusion issue. I
take that as "Abstain".

  * Shai - I count you as a "keep subscribed" because you said you find this
arrangement comfortable. If that is not your vote - please correct.

  * I do not recall whose idea it was to include the list in the first
place, but it was not mine or Shai's AFAIK. So if your'e still around -
please say hi. (people who do note vote in this thread, will not affect the
outcome, sorry ...)
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