[Python-il] [pyweb-il:690] 12th Meeting preparation. (help_on(x) for x in ['hosting', 'presentation', 'date'])

Ahik Man ahik.man at gmail.com
Wed Jan 20 18:12:52 IST 2010

Hi all,

As you might guess, no meeting this coming Monday. Due to busy month, I was
late with the 12th meeting. My apology to the group and I hope to see you in
the coming mini-Djangocon next Wednesday.

So, we need some help with the meeting preparation.
1. We are looking for hosting. If you have an option to host us (20-30 ppl.
Wi-Fi connection) please, let me know. What about TAU? Is it possible to
meet there?
2. Currently, I got one presentation suggestion from Udi (thanks). Still
looking for more stuff.
3. What about the date? Let's try to stick with last Monday of the month.
Yup, it's not next week. It's at Feb-22.

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