[Python-il] Don't copy PyWeb-IL

Omer Zak w1 at zak.co.il
Wed Jan 20 15:25:43 IST 2010

I would be subscribed to py+pyweb (choice 3 below).

My focus is on non-Web uses of the Python.
Therefore, if I ever get overwhelmed by E-mail, then I'd drop pyweb
(i.e. switch to choice 1).

On Wed, 2010-01-20 at 15:06 +0200, Amit Aronovitch wrote:
> Just out of curiousity (especially to people voting "unsubscribe", but
> anyone is free to unswer):
> * If the lists were disconnected, which of them would you subscribe
> to?
>    (1) py only
>    (2) pyweb only 
>    (3) py + pyweb 
>    (4) none
> My assumption was/is that everyone (except shlomif maybe) is going to
> answer (3)
> (Those answering (2) or (4) should not care, would not be reading
> this, and their vote should not be counted).
> If there's more than one that answers (1), I might change my vote...

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