[Python-il] Don't copy PyWeb-IL

Amit Aronovitch aronovitch at gmail.com
Wed Jan 20 11:01:27 IST 2010

On Wed, Jan 20, 2010 at 7:33 AM, Omer Zak <w1 at zak.co.il> wrote:

> I am subscribed to both Python-IL and PyWeb-IL and my desktop PC does
> not seem to display to me duplicate E-mail messages.
> However I couldn't ignore the following classican spammers' line:
> On Tue, 2010-01-19 at 22:52 +0200, Shai Berger wrote:
> > On Tuesday 19 January 2010, Ilan wrote:
> > > There's hardly any traffic in Python-IL, and although I don't
> > > want to miss it, having to archive two copies of everything
> > > from PyWeb-IL is annoying me.
> >
> > Then don't. On any sane mail client (and it looks like you're using one),
> > setting up a rule that discards python-il messages coming from PyWeb-IL
> will
> > take you less than it took you to write this message.
> This is the classical line which any spammer would feed you - "use the
> Delete key, dammit!"
> One place where it would hurt nevertheless:
> People who have Internet bandwidth on budget.
> For example: me, when reading my E-mail via the cellular network.  I
> have Internet connectivity plan for 30MB/month, and it gets used up when
> I donwload E-mail to read when I am on the road (and far from WiFi hot
> spots).
But I do not understand why do you insist on having PyWeb-IL send you emails
as well if you are subscribed to Python-IL anyways. Just go to "Edit my
membership" in the google-group and choose no-email (which should have been
the default IMO).
If you use regular email client (rather than google reader/google groups)
and want PyWeb messages to go to a different folder than python-il (I do
not, btw), messages are clearly tagged (subject:, to:, contents) so should
be no problem to setup the rule.

So please be considerate to people who read E-mail via the cellular
> network and are not willing to pay for bigger data plan.

We should try to be considerate to everyone...
I know from previous correspondence that there are people here who have much
stronger objections for having to manage one extra mail-list-subscription
(prefer smaller number of lists carrying the same total contents) than to
having to select one non-default subscription option (no-email) in google
groups (or maybe they give up on permission to post to Pyweb).
There are Pyweb-IL readers who do not want to read the Python-IL content,
but upto now I did *not* know of any Python-IL reader who does not want to
read Pyweb-IL ("extra traffic" in this sense is different than the issue of
duplicate messages), so it made sense to have Python-IL include Pyweb, but
not the other way around.

All that said - I'm trying to serve the public, so ***votes please*** (well,
more like opinions, since anyone is welcome to discuss or change their

Until either side manages to convince the other to change their mind, I'll
sum up:

Ilan, Omer, Arik : unsubscribe
Shai, Amit : keep current state

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