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Idan Gazit idan at pixane.com
Sun Jan 3 20:18:04 IST 2010

Sorry, this thread has devolved into philosophical BS.

In the end, we all choose what tools we use to Get Shit Done. Unless  
you are a true zealot like RMS, using *only* Free software and  
services, you make compromises about these tools all the time.

So perhaps, in your opinion, google is OK and facebook is not. Perhaps  
using MS office is distasteful but necessary. Everybody makes these  
choices, but the truth is that they are just compromises, subjective  
reflections of our feelings. And that's fine! So long as you are  
honest about the fact that you are against using something because of  
a feeling.

Me personally, I think that facebook is one of the best available  
solutions available for my problem, even if it isn't a *good*  
solution. While I recognize that there are some free-software  
"fundamentalists" -- or even just people for whom that principle has a  
higher weight than mine -- the reality is that no other tool really  
meets my needs quite as well right now.

Right now, I'll get going with the tool that works to *get something  
off the ground*, as opposed to wasting time debating whether or not to  
paint this bikeshed orange. The fact remains that nobody cared deeply  
enough to write a good alternative, and that is why this is a bikeshed  



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