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Sun Jan 3 16:31:15 IST 2010

2010/1/3 Idan Gazit <idan at pixane.com>

> Hey,
> On Jan 3, 2010, at 4:00 PM, Ori Peleg wrote:
> > This is such a bikeshed...
> >
> Agree.

I don't. It's a question of etiquette and while most people don't really
care one way or another, some care very deeply.

Let's say you invite me to an event and you write on the invitation 'dress
code: Black Tie' meaning I'll have to rent a tuxedo. Personally, I won't
come, but that's probably OK with you as when you decided on the dress code
you knew it will turn some people off. Where it doesn't make sense is if you
have an event where you're present the latest fisherman pants from Thailand
and you require a black tie.

> Also, if you are a web developer in 2009^H^H10 and you don't yet have
> a facebook account, you are unprofessional.
Many hackers don't develop for the web and some web developers use facebook
only for dev - as they don't want to support a closed-garden.

> I don't like microsoft products, and yet I use IE every day to test
> websites because that is how my audience is likely to see my work.

That's a good example - does it make sense to have the hacker news site work
only in IE?

> I don't have to like facebook to realize that they set *a lot* of
> trends in interface design, user expectations, and yes, technological
> feats. To deliberately ignore them is to deliberately ignore an
> important part of your trade.

I don't think anyone is saying you should ignore facebook, what the
fundamentalist hackers say is that facebook is a closed garden and they, or
any other hacker, shouldn't help facebook grow. Although I have a facebook
account, I fully understand and support the fundamentalist view that a
hacker group should be hosted only in an open garden. It's an integral part
of the hacker ideology and while personally we might be forced to make some
concession to market forces we should't do it as a group.


PS - how about a tshirt -  "hosting a hacker group on facebook is like
fucking for virginity"?


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