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Rani Hod rani.hod at gmail.com
Sun Jan 3 15:35:34 IST 2010

> What about those who despise facebook and won't touch it with a 10 feet
>>> pole ?
>>  They'll have to ask their friends where and when the meetup will be. :)
> I agree with Meir. Facebook is a closed garden.

As you may recall, I'm a facebook nay-sayer and has raised this issue
before, but there's no need to bash* FB when it serves only as a static
Here the FB group (and events too, I hope) is visible to all, which is
alright by me.

* Use /bin/dash instead!

> Restricting people to use it is anti-social and furthermore a big red flag
> that you are not true hackers
> who can set up web-services on their own.

Sorry, but I don' feel the urge to prove myself H4x0r-worthy by reinventing
the wheel.
I'll check the webpage manually or set a script to do it for me.

Just my shnekel,


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