[Python-il] [pyweb-il:514] Erlang Talk and Workshop by Ulf Wiger at the IGT2009

Zvi zvi.avraham at gmail.com
Tue Nov 24 19:27:17 IST 2009

At the World Summit of Cloud Computing 2009 (IGT) [1], which will take
place in Israel from 2nd-3th December 2009, Ulf Wiger (CTO of Erlang
Training and Consulting) [2]  will give a talk on Erlang's Journey to
the Clouds and a tutorial Erlang workshop. Let's meet at the IGT2009!

Talk Abstract: Erlang was invented in the 90s to address rapid
development of non-stop scalable telecoms systems. Initial
requirements included massive concurrency, distribution transparency,
in-service upgrades, plug-and-play expansion and high programmer
productivity. A rapidly growing Open Source community is now using
Erlang for scalable web services, messaging systems and cloud
computing services. In this tal k we will look at how Erlang is
breaking out of the clusters of last century and entering today's
cloud computing environments.

Tutorial Abstract: In this workshop, we will try out some of the basic
techniques for building, dynamically scaling and debugging a
distributed Erlang-based system. We will also take a look at some of
the more popular Erlang-based Cloud components.

[1] http://events.myreg.co.il/IGT2009/
[2] http://www.erlang-consulting.com/section/36/management


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