[Python-il] Text editor for python with bidi support

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Tue Jun 16 20:41:08 IDT 2009

> And let's not forget Geresh:
> apt-get install geresh ,  http://www.typo.co.il/~mooffie/geresh/
> It has no programmer features but *unmatched* hebrew/bidi features!
> In particular (M-x = Alt-x = Esc, x):
>  C-M-b enables/disables the bidi algorithm on the fly
>  M-1 .. M-5 choose base direction algorithm (M-t cycles)
>  M-Shift-F toggles display of control chars: whitespace and bidi control chars.
>  M-h toggles hebrew keymap - nice because doesn't interfere with
> keyboard shortcuts
>  F1 shows the fabulous help, F10 activates the menu bar.

Thank you Beni, I've never heard of Geresh before. This looks like a
great program, and I will be filing feature requests on Kate based on

Dotan Cohen


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