[Python-il] Text editor for python with bidi support

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Tue Jun 16 15:47:52 IDT 2009

> I normally use KDE 4's Kate editor ( http://kate-editor.org/ ) for BiDi text.
> I previously used KDE 3's kedit (because K3Kate's bidi support was not good
> enough), and GNOME's gedit also has good BiDi support.
> Regarding vim I should note that vim is capable of reversing the direction of
> the entire text (both Hebrew and English) if you build it with the right
> flags.

Kate has a few RTL bugs:

I'd appreciate if you'd comment on them, Shlomi.

When mixing Hebrew and code, I usually write them on separate lines,
and try to keep them separated if possible:

print "
שלום, עולם!‏

If I cannot keep them separate, then I write them separate, then go
back and backspace over the line endings.

print "
שלום, עולם!‏


print "
שלום, עולם!‏";

which them becomes

print "שלום, עולם!‏";

Note that there is a RLM (shift-Y on Lyx keyboard layout) after every
RTL string!

Dotan Cohen


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