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Beni Cherniavsky cben at users.sf.net
Mon Jun 15 13:40:54 IDT 2009

On Sun, Jun 14, 2009 at 18:12, Tal Einat<taleinat at gmail.com> wrote:
> Other than that, I would expect extensive experience with technologies,
> tools and methodologies in his/her field(s) of expertise. A web application
> developer, for example, should know about Django, TurboGears and Zope,
> database backends, templating, deployment, caching, etc.
A total expertise is hard to expect.  Any pythoneer should have done
for the web (because it's so easy), but as Tal says, to really consult on web
developement one needs a lot of web expertise, which you can't expect everybody
to have.

Similarly, a lot of the items mentioned here (wrapping C, GIL,
threads) fall under
the "science/multimedia with Python" theme, which is a separate expertise.
Add to it: psyco, pyrex/cython, numpy, data visualization frameworks,
parallel computation, and concepts of async programming / green threads.
[I'm sure Amit Aharonovich can add a lot of insight on this direction.]

BTW, how is it nobody mentioned desktop GUI?  Web-il, ajax and all, but still
a consultant must have experience with at least one GUI toolkit.  Not for the
specific API, but for the feel of it and understanding how a GUI program works.

Also, basic software carpentry skills should include familiarity with
version control
systems & distributed development tools.  The consultant's workflow might not
require it, but it's a strong indication of experience with codebases
of various projects.

Python gurus can also be spotted by a taste for Pythonic things.
E.g. if a guy knows XML inside-out but never heard of JSON and YAML,
knows SOAP and XML-RPC but never heard of JSON-RPC and REST,
preaches UML and Design Patterns but not Agile, DRY and metaprogramming,
then he might be a good chap but he ain't a Python guru yet.

Depending on the language focus you want him to have (will he consult on pure
Python projects to Python-only firms?  I guess not), some familiarity with
competing languages and bridging technologies is a plus (the more the merrier).

Beni <cben at users.sf.net>

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