[Python-il] [pyweb-il:313] Site's Requirments

daonb bennydaon at gmail.com
Sun Jul 26 08:46:04 IDT 2009

Hi all,
Ahik suggested we This thread is about setting the requirements for
our group's site. I'm not sure 'design by a group' works, but it's
worth a try. If we're successful, other local user groups will use our

The goal of this thread is to identify the classes of users the site
will support and document their usage scenarios. Here's how I see the
different classes:

- us - pyWeb-IL members, these users interests me most as I'm
currently working on the community page in http://djangoproject.com
- Djangonauts at large - developers using Django who are interested in
what's going on in Israel
- newbies - folks who heard Django is a good thing and want to learn
some more. maybe this should be broken further into coders and

What's missing?
Can you draft a usage scenario?

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