[Python-il] August Penguin 2009 - The Annual Communal Israeli FOSS Conference

Shlomi Fish shlomif at iglu.org.il
Sun Jul 12 12:22:31 IDT 2009

In accordance with its annual tradition, the Israeli Free and
Open Source Software will hold the August Penguin conference
( http://august.penguin.org.il/ ) under the auspices of the Hamakor
non-profit organisation  ( http://www.hamakor.org.il/ ). 

This year the conference will take place on Friday, 7 August 2009,
starting from 08:30 in teh morning, in the Avner building of the
Weizmann Institute in Rehovoth, Israel. Entrance to the conference costs
30 New Israeli Sheqels (ILS), while members and friends of 
Hamakor and the Israeli Internet Society (ISOC) are not required to pay.

So what is going to take place in the conference?

* http://august.penguin.org.il/schedule - talks.

* Giving the "Hamakor Prize".

* http://www.bookcrossing.com/ - Book Crossing stands.

* http://august.penguin.org.il/keysign - a key-signing party.

* Installation Party for owners of OpenMoko/FreeRunner.

* Photo shoot-out.

* Nice atmosphere and friendly geeks.


Everyone is welcome to attend the conference, and no pre-registration is

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