[Python-il] [pyweb-il:564] Django needs hebrew-speakers!

Meir Kriheli meir at mksoft.co.il
Tue Dec 15 12:12:42 IST 2009

On 12/11/2009 12:47 AM, Idan Gazit wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> Right now the hebrew translation of django itself is being maintained
> by a well-meaning american. As good as Alex Gaynor is, I'm sure that
> this will be a much easier task for an average Israeli.
> I'd offer to do it, but my hebrew spelling is like a 6-year old.
> Take a look at http://code.djangoproject.com/attachment/ticket/12317/he.diff
> , make sure all the additions (in green) are good. If you want to
> contribute to / help with the hebrew file in django, I'm sure Alex
> would be very grateful. :)
> -I

I usually handle those before a release, during the beta stage, when 
strings are more or less frozen.

Most of the time there are other fixes needed (RTL css styles, etc).

Due to load I've missed 1.1's :-( Hoping to do it for the 1.2 release.



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