[Python-il] [pyweb-il:559] Jacob may be paying us a visit next year

Idan Gazit idan at pixane.com
Sun Dec 13 12:30:32 IST 2009

You're mixing up a few different things.

My point isn't that django is unpopular or that .net developers aren't  

My point is that you cannot give detailed talks about developing with  
django and expect a .NET developer to stay awake.

I understand that there's a goal to "introduce" django to the Israeli  
web-dev community, including the people who wear suits. That's great!  
There are several talks that can be given on the subject which will be  
*interesting* for them. None of those talks will be interesting to  
somebody who is already using Django.

If there's another goal of putting together a djangocon with a focus  
on more advanced technical talks, maybe a workshop with jacob --  
great! None of those talks will be interesting to somebody who has  
heard about django and is curious to learn what it is about. Both  
suits & .NET developers will fall asleep during such talks.

My suggestion:

1. Have a half-day/day of talks for people new to django. Can give a  
talk or two about the business case for django, success stories, etc.  
If you want to draw technical people who are not new to django, offer  
a workshop where we do an accelerated tutorial on-screen -- tell  
people to bring their laptops, and walk them through a shortened  
django tutorial. Key goal is showing them results in the space of an  
hour -- they should have a blog or a twitter clone or whatever at the  
end of it, and see how easy it is to Get Things Done.

2. Have a separate day of technical talks about Django. Can roll  
Jacob's workshop into this. Make it about Django and expect a basic  
level of knowledge from the crowd.



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