[Python-il] [pyweb-il:551] Jacob may be paying us a visit next year

benny daon bennydaon at gmail.com
Sun Dec 13 10:35:39 IST 2009

>    1. Will you be interested in attending a 1-day workshop/master-class
>    given by Jacob? It'll have a fee, which we'll need to figure out.
> great. count me in.

>    1. EuroDjangoCon will be held in May in Berlin. This conference is
>    helping push Django to the European market & introduce it to many potential
>    developers & businesses. I was thinking of leveraging Jacob's arrival to
>    organize a DjangoCon-IL conference, to do the same thing in the local
>    market. It sounds very pretentious, but basically we only need to organize a
>    1-day conference, with regular PyWeb-IL talks + Jacob's talks, intended for
>    as wide developers audience as possible, e.g.: Web developers
>    (PHP/Rails/Drupal &c), Entrepreneurs, IT developers/sys-admins & more. We
>    can do also some nice gimmick stuff (live frameworks benchmark, web app
>    contest &c). What do you think? Are you in for this challenge?
> I like the idea but I think we have to be careful with the way we brand it.
It can't be "DjangoCon-IL" as it will drive all non-django developers away.
I would call it "The Open Way" and get as many frameworks on board as
possible. We can cover issues like development process, community, licensing
and documentation. The key issue is to make it appealing for .net developers
as well...


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