[Python-il] [pyweb-il:538] Testing, next meeting

Ilan ilan at decodecode.net
Mon Dec 7 11:35:43 IST 2009

Peace, Ahik, and everyone!

I'll do "testing" at the next meeting, of course!

"Driven to test: why test for quality, and how in Python/Web"

I was discussing doing this with Imri -- but he has a Very Good 
Reason (the best, really) to be absent from our next meeting, 
so the heavy load falls on my... Nu tov.

And by the way, I think Gabor should be "invited" (that is, he's 
always invited, but this time explicitly urged to attend) 
because testing is (one of) his expertise domains, right?

I took notes about testing/QA years ago, 
<http://decodecode.net/trails/quality-assurance.one-page>, that 
I will work into a more hands-on, practical presentation, like 
I know we prefer... I'll do PyUnit (unittest), Nose, and Twill, 
but will leave Selenium to Imri or someone, maybe? Nu, we'll 

Thanks, Ahik, for your great work!


Machines should work. People should think.
/ IBM Pollyanna Principle / Richard Wesley Hamming


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