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Tal Einat taleinat at gmail.com
Thu Sep 4 12:00:05 IDT 2008

Ahik Man wrote:

> There is a suggestion to have a "lighting talk" session in our coming
> (busy) meeting.
> The idea is to provide an opportunity to everybody to present a relevant
> subject to the audience.
> So if you are interesting to give an about 5 minutes Lighting talk, please
> send me an email that include subject of the talk and short description.
> The Lighting Talk session in the depends on the suggestions and demands.

I would love to hear short bits about debugging Django (either in GAE or
not), sounds like a good subject for lightning talks since someone can tell
about a bug he had and how he traced it down or one can describe a certain
debugging tool/method. Or perhaps that's better suited to be a subject for a
future meeting?

I'd also love to hear about how people are handling persistent data which
can't easily be modeled to fit in a normal relational database, e.g. complex
Python objects. But again perhaps this is a subject for more than 5

If there's interest, I could show a few nice bits about the Django DB API, a
few examples showing how to write nice, clear, efficient queries, since I've
been doing that quite a bit lately, and it's really wonderful :)

- Tal

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