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Gabor Szabo szabgab at gmail.com
Wed May 28 23:24:14 IDT 2008


I have already posted this invitation in several places,
I hope you don't mind receiving it here as well.

== Tips

I have setup a newsletter called Test Automation Tips where
I am going to send out various ideas I have on the subject.
As someone who has been practicing it for several years
and teaching it since 2003 ( http://www.pti.co.il/qa_automation.html )
I hope I have some valuable things to say that might be
useful to you as well.

The tips will come from several languages, most probably
Perl, Python, PHP and Ruby but I'll probably give examples in
Java and maybe even in .NET.

Register here:

== Discussion list

In addition I have setup a public mailing list in order to provide
a place where people from the various languages and projects
can come together and discuss their experience.

For example the discussion on XFAIL how it compares to the
TODO of the TAP protocol that Ulf has also mentioned
can be a subject that can be interestingly discussed on a
mailing list where people from various languages and technologies
come together.
I am sure people can point out advantages and disadvantages to
the various approaches based on their experience as well.



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