[Python-il] לימוד פייטון למתחילים / אבינעם

Ori Peleg oripel at gmail.com
Sat May 24 20:29:47 IDT 2008

Hi Avinoam,

There's a Python course in Hebrew <http://www.python.org.il/course/> that's
a good starting point, especially if you're willing to fill in the blanks
with material in English.

In English there are some great resources, some of them are:

   - Learning Python <http://books.google.co.il/books?id=nEJ-jcYF2fMC>, a
   good book from O'Reilly (some of the content is available online, but the
   full book must be bought or rented <http://safari.oreilly.com/>).
   - Dive Into Python <http://www.diveintopython.org/toc/index.html>, a
   great book if you're new to Python but not new to programming.
   - Great lists of resources for
   - The Python Challenge <http://www.pythonchallenge.com/>, a particularly
   exciting way to learn if you're motivated and like puzzles.

Good luck!

2008/5/24 Avinoam <zipi-u at zahav.net.il>:

>  שלום לכולם ,
> אני מחפש קורס לימוד PYTHON  למתחילים .האם קיים בארצנו ?
> האם יש חומר לימוד ותרגול ללימוד עצמי , באינטרנט ?
> בתודה מראש ,
>         אבינעם              zipi-u at zahav.net.il
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