[Python-il] a python meeting in TLV

Alon Levy alonlevy1 at gmail.com
Sun May 18 09:59:36 IDT 2008

 Ideas for talks:
  * pypy. I am not an expert on it at all, but if no one with more knowledge
on the topic steps up I could talk about it (but I think it should only be
considered as a filler).
  * django and other web frameworks. This is probably something that's
already been done to death, but interesting for me personally to hear about
experiences - maybe people could talk about experiences implementing sites
in python with various frameworks, 5 mintues per person.
  * great gui with python - I've been seeing clutter and python interfaces
to other stuff - the question in my mind is how to create a great python gui
with animations, think something like red alert / cnc install screens, but
with open gl (again, see clutter demos for what I'm talking about). It would
be great if someone has done something and has real experience with this.
  * python 3000 - could be interesting for someone to present some of the
stuff. I personally read some but haven't tried it yet.
  * optimizing python code.
  * real world meta class usage - just interesting to hear if anyone
actually uses that feature (I know at least one example, but a small thing -
not a big project).

I could give a case study talk about a project I've done in python: a
project for my thesis that involves some geometry, opengl display, gtk and
twisted. It's actually two apps: a geometry display and an implementation of
some computational geometry algorithm. The points of the talk would be: 1)
get some feedback for myself on what I did right and what wrong in the
design (I don't expect any insights, but maybe). 2) say what I think about
direct opengl programming with python (it doesn't scale). 3) say what I
think about wx vs. gtk (wx isn't stable with twisted on linux, gtk is,
generally same amount of code for both).

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