[Python-il] Python on the QA hackathon

Nir Soffer nirs at freeshell.org
Wed Jul 9 20:11:41 IDT 2008

I think the testoob guys - Ori Peleg <oripel at users.sourceforge.net>,   
Misha Seltzer <mishas at users.sourceforge.net> and myself would be good  

On Jul 9, 2008, at 13:00, Gabor Szabo wrote:

> So I am trying to create a list of people who
> are heavily involved in testing in order to invite them to the QA  
> Hackathon.
> There are some central people from the Perl and PHP community already
> listed (e.g. the developer of PHPUnit, some of the central  
> developers of
> the Test Anything Protocol in Perl but I don't yet have any  
> receommendations
> from the Python community.
> So I'd really like to get your ideas whom to invite?
> See the current list here:
> http://act.osdc.org.il/osdc2009il/wiki?node=Hackathon
> regards
>    Gabor
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