[Haifux] Where were the organizers?

cool-RR cool-rr at cool-rr.com
Mon May 10 21:14:41 IDT 2010

Hey everyone, and especially the administrators,

I was just at Roy's talk at Haifux. None of the group's organizers came-- We
had no one to unlock the projector for us. Since we couldn't use the
projector, we all had to sit huddled in front of Roy's laptop while he gave
the talk.

Fortunately the lecture was interesting and I enjoyed it, despite of the
conditions. But this is pretty unprofessional. I've scheduled to give a talk
in Haifux in July, and I intend to put considerable effort into preparing
this talk, and it will be a bummer if I came all prepared and there wouldn't
be a person to open the projector.

So what's up with that? Why did none of the organizers come to open the

Ram Rachum.
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