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Sat Jun 19 00:26:59 IDT 2010

2010/6/17 Steve G. <wordz2u at>

> Not a bad idea - organize a community center for children with computer
> training based on open source. Teach children how to build web sites, write
> html, css, maybe even javascript and java. Maybe also repairing and building
> computers.

IMO, teaching Java to kids is a sure way of weeding out any enthusiasm they
might feel towards programming.
Make that Python, Ruby or even Perl ;-) . You do not want to worry about OOP
design and declarative boilerplate in your first sip of the programming

Messing with hardware, OTOH, is a cool idea (with due safety precautions of

> Alice, a program from Carnegie Mellon, is geared towards teaching children
> programming principles. Logo, or variants of it, are open source, or
> available for Linux.
> This is something that can give future opportunities for deprived and
> average children both.
> Z.
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