[TelFOSS] Next Meeting: "Moose, the Perl OOP System, for Beginners" on 17-Jan-2010

Shlomi Fish shlomif at iglu.org.il
Fri Jan 1 12:29:32 IST 2010

Hi all!

The Tel Aviv Open Source Club will host a talk by Yaron Meiry ("Sawyer" - 
http://blogs.perl.org/users/sawyer_x/ ) about "Moose, the Perl Object Oriented 
Programming System, for Beginners" - on Sunday 17-January-2010 (slightly over 
two weeks from now).

The meeting will take place at Tel Aviv University, at Holcblat Hall (No. 007) 
on the corridor of the Exact Sciences Buildings, on 18:00 (note the change of 
time and place from last year). More information, travelling, maps, rides, 
etc. can be found at:

* http://www.cs.tau.ac.il/telux/

* http://wiki.osdc.org.il/index.php/Tel_Aviv_Meeting_on_17_January_2010

With any other problems, feel free to contact me:


Hopefully Constantine will be able to give a re-run of this presentation on 
Haifux and other possible venues.


Moose is a post-modern (see "Perl, the first post-modern computer language" 
here - http://www.wall.org/~larry/pm.html) Object-Oriented Programming system 
for Perl 5. It was written since its originator (Stevan Little) was jealous of 
the capabilities that Perl 6 provided in regards to OOP, and so instead of 
switching to Ruby, he worked on developing a similar system for Perl 5. Moose 
drew inspiration from the Object Oriented Programming capabilities of many 
languages such as Perl 6, Smalltalk, Common Lisp (CLOS), Ruby, Java, OCaml and 
other languages, while remaining faithful to its Perl 5 roots. 

This presentation aims to introduce Moose for beginners.

Prepare for total Moosification!


We are always looking for presentations on interesting topics. If you have an 
interesting idea for a talk, feel free to contact us and we'll co-ordinate a 


	Shlomi Fish


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