[Python-il] [python-il]location in file

Shai Berger shai at platonix.com
Mon May 24 18:34:08 IDT 2010

Hi Yitzhak,

You said,
> I am searching for data in file. The file is from type of text. I was
> using RE for finding the location in file that I was interested in.

but in the code, you wrote,

> for line in s:
>    if re.match(r".*RAW DATA.*", line):

That is, instead of finding the location in the FILE, you found the location 
in the LINE.

What you should do instead is get a string that contains your whole section; 
you can do this with regular expressions (applied to the whole file, s, with 
re.M), or you can do this by collecting the relevant lines after having split 
the file into lines. Then, just use section.split() to get a list of the 
"words" (as separated by whitespace) in the section.

Have fun,

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