[Python-il] [SUMMARY] Python IDEs, GUI builders and debuggers

Omer Zak w1 at zak.co.il
Sat Apr 26 09:24:36 IDT 2008

Few weeks ago I asked about experiences and recommendations concerning
Python IDEs, especially for working with wxPython.
The following people replied and I thank them: Tal Einat, Udi Bauman,
Alon Levy, Avishay Cohen, Nimrod Steinbock, Meir Kriheli, Simon Robins.

The following is a summary of the collective wisdom.

1. To learn wxPython, the following resources are available:

* ShowMeDo.com has videos and tutorials.
* The wxPython demo is good.  In Debian, it is available from
wx2.6-examples package.
To use it, install the package, and then read the
file /usr/share/doc/wx2.6-examples/examples/README.examples.
After reading the file,
run /usr/share/doc/wx2.6-examples/examples/unpack_examples.sh to be able
to run the demo.
* The book "wxPython in action" is not great but nice and good enough to
get you going.
* "The wxPython tutorial" from http://zetcode.com/wxpython/ is good as
* "The wxPython Linux Tutorial", another wxPython tutorial, exists in
* wxWidgets 2.8.4 reference is available from
* wxPython reference is available from

2. GUI Builders

The general consensus is that GUI builders for wxPython are not worth
it, and it is better to code by hand.
wxGlade, XRCed and boa-constructor are not good.

3. IDEs

A list of major IDEs for Python can be found in
http://wiki.python.org/moin/IntegratedDevelopmentEnvironments which also
links to their reviews.

The following IDEs are actually used by respondents:
* Simple text editor (such as vim), sometimes with the PIDA wrapper
* PyDev
* Open Komodo (used for Web development)
* pyScripter (http://pyscripter.googlepages.com)

The following IDEs were mentioned as well:
* SPE - best wxPython integration (integrates wxGlade and XRCed, GUI
* Wing (not open source).
* PyDev, based upon Eclipse (not open source).
* Komodo (not open source) - supports also other languages.
* Open Komodo (open source version of Komodo).

IDEs are useful for projects with lots of files and complicated
interdependencies.  Python based projects are usually simpler than that,
so they don't need a full fledged IDE.

4. Debuggers

The following debuggers were mentioned.
* WinPdb - a stand-alone debugger.
* ipython - used to debug GUI scripts (both wx and GTk).  Has thread
* pyScripter contains an integrated debugger.
* Wing has powerful debugging tools.

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