[Python-il] Experiences and recommendations about Python IDEs

Tal Einat taleinat at gmail.com
Wed Apr 9 11:01:03 IDT 2008

Omer Zak wrote:
> With which IDE do you work when you develop Python scripts, if any
>  (especially when using wxPython)?
>  Do you enjoy it?
>  Which IDE would you recommend?
>  If you had time to support and improve an IDE, into which IDE would you
>  have invested your time?
>  I am asking because I found boa-constructor to be painful to use, and
>  wxGlade is missing some of the widgets.

AFAIK the IDE with the best wxPython integration is SPE, which has the
latest versions of wxGlade and XRCed integrated. But IMO there are no
good GUI builders for wxPython, I find that wxGlade and XRCed are both
awful. I suggest not using either, just write wxPython code directly.

If you need to learn wxPython, I advise against using a GUI builder -
I tried this approach and it didn't work well. If you ask me, use the
wxPython demo (which is awesome) and online material (ShowMeDo.com
have some nice videos, and there are plenty of tutorials). The
"wxPython in Action" book is also nice.

As for Python IDEs, I like IDLE's simplicity as an editor and its
powerful shell, which integrate nicely. I usually use IDLE when
developing Python code. When I developed a wxPython application I used
IDLE, and the stand-alone WinPdb debugger for all of my debugging
needs. But if you're looking for a full-fledged IDE this may not what
you're looking for.

I haven't much experience with other IDEs, but Wing boasts powerful
debugging tools, which would be very useful when developing a GUI
application. You can also check out PyDev (Eclipse-based, some nice
vids on ShowMeDo), Komodo (which is also good for other languages) and
SPE (mentioned above). These four are the leading Python IDEs today
and are all supposed to be pretty good. The only completely open of
these four is SPE (and IDLE of course), if that matters to you.

- Tal

P.S. You may want to check out wxGlade from SVN - version releases are
far apart and it often contains many fixes and features. But, again,
IMO wxGlade will hurt your productivity in the long run.

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