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Maxim Kovgan kovganm at gmail.com
Mon Jan 18 20:27:51 IST 2010

I think there is a problem to run the quota query from a web server,
b/c the UID of the webserver process is not allowed to run quota stuff,
and all the web technologies usually limit setuid() related stuff.
And you don't want to run a CGI script as root, you really don't.

So, the only relatively safe solution would be to build 2 scripts:
1. script to generate the quota database, and it should run once per 1-5 minutes
2. CGI/FastCGI/WSCGI script to query that database

If users' repositories reside on the expense of their home
directories, maybe a webmin/usermin web application allows to watch
quota status with some nice module,

SQLite looks like a good candidate, but even CSV is ok, as long as
you make sure you use flock() like functions to lock the db file
properly when you read/write, etc.


On Mon, Jan 18, 2010 at 4:07 PM, Maxim Kovgan <kovganm at gmail.com> wrote:
> well, I'm not aware of anything ready to use, but there might be one -
> a CGI/FastCGI or WSGI something.
> you're interested in just showing quota command output with proper args.
> If you choose Perl, you may use Quota;
> On Mon, Jan 18, 2010 at 12:03 PM, Shahar Dag <dag at cs.technion.ac.il> wrote:
>> Max
>> Writing  pre-commit script & writing a cron-job that test the quota are
>> almost equal effort.
>> I am not sure which one is better.
>> What I am looking for is a tool that will enable the users check the quota
>> on the svn machine
>> Shahar
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>>> hi Shahar!
>>> A possible solution if your svn repository is stored on a filesystem could
>>> be
>>> a "pre-commit hook" script, that would basically:
>>> * check user's/project's repository quota against filesystem
>>> * act accordingly to the result, upon:
>>>   * OK - do commit
>>>   * Warning (quota threshold reached) - print the result, and commit
>>>   * Quota exceeded - print the result and NOT commit
>>> Of course take care of the return values of the script properly.
>>> The script may even send an email to the user, if you have email in NIS.
>>> I do not know how different SVN clients would respond to the
>>> non-standard messages in the output of SVN client.
>>> This is what you will have to check for yourself.
>>> Regards,
>>> M.
>>> 2010/1/18 Shahar Dag <dag at cs.technion.ac.il>:
>>>> Hello
>>>> I have a LINUX server (RHE 4) that among other things serves as SVN
>>>> server
>>>> (the SVN server runs over apache).
>>>> Users can access their repository via https, but they can't login to the
>>>> server (not even with ssh).
>>>> To access the SVN, users must supply their NIS user name & password.
>>>> Every SVN repository has it's own quota limitation.
>>>> The question is: do SVN users have any way to test their quota?
>>>> (I don't want to write a cron job that warns the users when they are over
>>>> 80% of the quota)
>>>> Thanks
>>>> Shahar
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