[Haifux] [HAIFUX LECTURE] Compiling Effectively for Cell with GCC

Eli Billauer eli at billauer.co.il
Sun May 31 00:59:17 IDT 2009

On Monday, June 1st at 18:30, Haifux will gather to hear Revital Eres' talk

   Compiling Effectively for Cell with GCC

Abstract (and slides?) to be published.


We meet in Taub building, room 6. For instructions see:

Attendance is free, and you are all invited!

Future lectures:

1/6/09 Compiling Effectively for Cell with GCC: Revital Eres
15/6/09 Arduino - Open Source Hardware and a Viewport to Micro 
Manufacturing: Amy Chayun
29/6/09 KSM and the art of memory mangement: Izik Eidus
13/7/09 Google's Android: An Overview: Yoni Rabkin
27/7/09 How Time Flies: Jiffies, Hi-Res Timers and the Tickless Kernel: 
Gilad Ben-Yossef


We are always interested in hearing your talks and ideas. If you wish to 
give a talk, hold a discussion, or just plan some event haifux might be 
interested in, please contact us at webmaster at haifux.org

Web: http://www.billauer.co.il

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