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On Wed, Sep 17, 2008 at 5:18 PM, Orr Dunkelman <orr.dunkelman at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi,
> On Wed, Sep 17, 2008 at 1:30 PM, Dave Roi <davidroi at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I believe instaparties are still needed, just with more focus on post
> > install configuration and usage instructions.
> I think a good answer to whether these are needed or not is the
> attendance in the last few ones. I haven't been to the last one (where
> Moshik Afia has arrived), but I've been to many before, and the last
> three I've attended were more populated with installers than
> installees. Yes. We are talking about less than 20 installation the
> whole day (or even less).


> In case an instaparty does happen:
> > I suggest focusing on installing all the cool packages that are needed
> but
> > aren't installed by default like setting up the dial up connections to
> their
> > ISPs, codecs, fonts, rar, ace, etc..
> most people do not use dial-up these days.
> moreover, if you'll get many people, you won't have time for that.
> If you'll get a few - what's the point in the whole event?

Two more points:
1. Dial-up (and by this I mean DSL and cablemodem) configurations are in
wide use today, and are a prime source of problems (cablemodem especially)
for new users. However, an ordinary instaparty is useless for this, as it
would have a simple router&DHCP-autoconfig based setup which works
out-of-the-box. Moreover, the previous instaparty had no internet access *at
all*. At the very least, a wi-fi router should be present so wireless cards
can be tested. If any help is to be given in an instaparty regarding DSL and
(again, especially) cablemodem connections, such a connection must be
available in the instaparty, or the whole thing is pointless.

> Show them the fun stuff, the cool music players like amarok and Listen,
> After installation? This should be the deal-maker that leads people to
> install. But they will need to use openoffice as well...

Why not just have a SiL lecture titled "fun stuff in Linux" to show this
stuff off? It does wonders for adoptation (especially glitzy 3D desktop

> > How about a few stations on the side for people to play Nexuiz against
> each
> > other? :-)
> LAN party!

This goes well with my "hands-on" suggestion.

> > I say lectures aren't needed, just have lots of veterans going around
> > helping people.
> Should we have lectures on other days?

One additional point - almost all of the linux adoptation I've seen in the
Technion works like this: People see it, use it for a course, avoid it for a
(geometrically distributed) while, then decide to install it (by themselves.
All of the adopters I've seen are perfectly capable of performing a google
search for the distribution they've seen, burning an ISO, and hitting "next"
a couple of times). They seek a guru (or ask on the forums) for some help,
are given a pointer in the general direction, and are happy. Sometimes they
come seeking more help for tougher issues (laptop doesn't enter
suspend-to-RAM properly, cablemodem issues, or they decided to go to a
bleeding-edge version, broke a few things, and are interested in knowing how
to fix them without going back to a stable version). I move that
instaparties, at least in the Technion context, are obsolete.

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Ohad Lutzky
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