[Haifux] Let's face it! (was W2L discussion)

Eli Billauer eli at billauer.co.il
Fri Sep 5 18:36:29 IDT 2008

Dotan Cohen wrote:

> This is the problem: people would _expect_ events to be posted there.
> Suppose a hypothetical Udi finds haifux on facebook. He signs up. Now,
> he expects all his info to come down that channel. "What?!?", thinks
> Udi, "I now have to go to another _website_ for info on this facebook
> group?!? wtf?!?" and now he thinks bad of haifux.
> Multiply this by all the linkedins and mysplats and it will be a disaster.

I see that things get complicated. My logic goes as follows:

1. Events should be published in one place only, or a reliable automatic 
mechanism will assure that all places are in sync (yeah, right...). 
Since lectures are scheduled and moved every now and then, anything but 
a single place will create situations in which some people arrive and 
some won't. And specifically Facebook has this quality of being 
unavailable every now and then, so keeping it in sync may be a problem.

2. The events should be published in Haifux' site. Simply because that 
mechanism is accepted, by definition, by all Haifux members. Facebook's 
popularity among Haifuxers (myself included) is evidently questionable.

So yes, maybe our hypothetical Udi will be annoyed by us not publishing 
our events on his favorite site (and maybe he will respect us for that), 
but I'm sure that he will be much more annoyed to go to a non-meeting, 
just to find out that the Facebook information wasn't updated. Which is 
a pretty likely scenario, given that lecture reminder emails are 
written, how should I put it, in a random way.


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