[Haifux] Simulated permissions on VFAT

Ohad Lutzky ohad at lutzky.net
Wed Feb 6 20:17:46 IST 2008

Hi everybody,
I'm trying to use my DoK for various things which are sensitive to the
executable (chmod +/-x) bit. As I want to be able to use this DoK on
Windows systems as well, it's formatted to VFAT (NTFS is also an
option, thanks to ntfs-3g). Is there any way to get any form of
"simulated" permission bits for the file system, which Linux will take
heed of? (For example, an option to a VFAT filesystem module which will
read/write such permission data to dotfiles in each directory, and
subsequently hide those files from me).

Mac discussions talk about a "Sparse filesystem" - I imagine that what
they mean is a filesystem-in-a-file, which expands and shrinks to
accomodate its contents. This would work well too.

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