[Haifux] Reminder: Crawler Lightning session

Eli Billauer eli at billauer.co.il
Tue Feb 5 03:49:20 IST 2008

Hello again,

As you may recall, we have a lightning talk session about Web crawlers. 
The point about this meeting is that all prepare a mini-talk of 5-10 
minutes about our homegrown little script or one-liner, which fetches 
data from web. Or make POST operations.

I've got a few nice suggestions, but they are still too few to make a 
meeting of. And if the response reflects the club's interest in having 
such a meeting, there's little point in making it.

Mind you all, noone has yet chosen to talk a bit about neither wget, 
curl, lynx nor GET.

So thanks to those who sent me their little thingies, and to the rest -- 
this is high time to show me yours.

All the best,

Eli Billauer wrote:

>Hello all,
>Our next meeting, on February 11th, is a lightning talk session, which 
>means that there will be several speakers with some 5-10 minutes each. 
>The idea of this meeting is to share and compare the different ways we 
>make the computer mimic a web browser in order to fetch data over HTTP. 
>In other words, the topic is web crawlers and web bots.
>decide whether it's interesting or not.
>Ideally, I would be glad to get responses from ALL of you, with the 
>practice you have for fetching data. Assuming you're free on that Monday 
>to talk about it, of course. The evening's programme depends on these 
>offers. So if you're using COBOL's HTTP library (is there any?) for this 
>purpose, I'll put it after someone else showing it Python and before 
>Perl. But I need speakers for each.
>Also, if you feel that you can say a few words about any of wget, curl, 
>lynx, GET or any of the other similar tools, please tell me so.
>So it's really not a big hassle. No slides, just show the code, say a 
>few words, take a few questions, and next. So please come up with 
>whatever games you make. If you're not sure that you can attend (but 
>might), please tell me so as well.
>Offers should be posted to ME OFFLIST. Kindly enclose some sample code 
>to get the idea of where it's going (or if it's final, even better). 
>Keep in mind that the submitted code WILL BE PUBLISHED after the meeting.
>Thanks, and let's cook something nice!
>    Eli

Web: http://www.billauer.co.il

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