[OFFTOPIC] Captions

Shachar Shemesh shachar at shemesh.biz
Sun Jul 27 00:15:37 IDT 2008

Omer Zak wrote:
> I clicked on the link and noticed that the video has no captions.  Nor
> did I find a link to a captioned version of the video.
> The lecture is accompanied by a presentation, however it appears that
> there is considerable amount of information passing only by speaking.
> I left, in the provided space for talkbacks, a note asking where is a
> captioned version of the video.
> Until such is available, I suppose I'll have to wait longer until I know
> how to deal with poisonous founders, and how to avoid being a poisonous
> founder myself (which I am not at the moment only because I am not a
> founder of the activity in question).
>                                            --- Omer
In a nutshell, they define a term "poisonous people". These are people, 
usually (but not always) with good intentions, that through their way of 
conducting their help/whatever cause more harm than good. It can be the 
time wasters, those he try to change the direction of the project 2 
seconds before a major release, people insisting that what they want is 
what should happen, people offering useful stuff, but with a condition 
that violates the way the project works, and just plain old trolls.

Regarding what to do about them - extract whatever value you can from 
them. Try not to lose your temper. Try to sort through the heaps of 
garbage they produce to see whether there is any useful feedback there, 
and if they simply will not produce useful stuff, ask them to leave.

For example, if we filter out all the irrelevant stuff in Shlomi's last 
email, we get the first part of the email (the one with the list of 
points). Of which we can disregard 1 and 2, which essentially say 
"OMG!!! YOU CHANGED SOMETHING!!1". We can also disregard 5, which 
doesn't say anything. The leaves us with a list of actual useful feedback:
1. Old site's address has changed, with no links
2. Display problems on konqi
3. Login form
4. URLs not SEO friendly.

Of these, 3 and 4 seem to irrelevant to me, and 1 is something we can 
get around to once we have some time.

And so, you see, even with the email as phrased it is still possible to 
extract a useful piece of feedback.


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